Alfalfa Wheat Straw Mix

Category 4 Camel

A distinctive mixture of Alfalfa wheat and rice straw. All prices are inclusive of 5% tax.

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Alfalfa is an excellent forage plant that provides high levels of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Alfalfa is highly digestible nitrogen content. Mixed Alfalfa with straw it has a possitive effect on feed intake and digestibility when compared with the use of straw.



Protein : 8%-13%

Humidity : Max 12%

Size : 8 – 15cm

ADF : 36 % ≤ X ≥ 42 %

NDF : 51 % ≤ X ≥ 62 %

RFV : 80 - 100

Colour : Green/ Light Yellow

Aflatoxins B1 : Max 10 ppb


Use sunshades or barns storage to prevent weather damage. Bales should be arranged in stacks and covered with plastic cover. Keep space between the stacks (min 2 to 3 meter). Storage area should be far away from houses and roads. Bales must be arranged according to type, quality, and priority in consumption.



If the stock is managed correctly, It can be used within one year or more.

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