Alfalfa Hay Grade 1

Category 2 Camel

Premium Egyptian Alfalfa is the main source for the dairy farms in the region. All prices are inclusive of 5% tax.

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Alfalfa, called the queen of forage it is always preferred forage for animals. Alfalfa is the most important forage legumes grown in the world. Alfalfa has the highest yield potential and highest feeding value. Alfalfa is highly digestible. contains higher protein lower fiber as well as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. After harvesting, alfalfaheat treated dried



Protein : 18%-20%

Humidity : Max 12%

Size : 26 – 15cm

ADF : 40 -51%

NDF : 62 % ≤ X ≥ 52 %

RFV : 121 ≤ X ≥ 134

Colour : Green

Aflatoxins B1 : Max 10 ppb

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